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Vim lover, beer geek, emoji junkie, dotfile tinkerer and unabashed Sriracha addict— are all true (and potentially derisive) things that could be said about me. I am currently a full-stack developer at SparkFun Electronics in sunny Boulder, Colorado.

When I’m not thinking about how to make the web a better, more dynamic place—you’ll find me homebrewing beer, roasting coffee or making the final adjustment to my admittedly already ridiculous collection of dotfiles.


Take your pleasure seriously.
 — Charles Eames

  • Legend of CSS
    Much like this slide show, this only uses CSS and includes a tiny controllable sprite at the end of the introduction.
  • Custom Channels Remix
    Music streaming application written in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Bash running on an NGINX server with PHP-FPM.
  • Playbook Application
    Custom sales playbook application for iPad. Written in Javascript utilizing Backbone, Grunt, LESS and Require.js


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