Your Dotfiles: Unified. Organized. Personalized.

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Dotfile Boilerplate

Your dotfiles:

Unified. Organized. Personalized.


If you don’t already have a huge collection of dotfiles simply run the installer and follow the prompts:

git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
./bootstrap --new-setup

Follow the prompts

If you already have a collection of dotfiles then you should omit the --new-setup flag so that you won't be prompted to install any frameworks

What's a dotfile?



There is no canonical method for dotfile organization, sharing, and bootstraping that is cross-shell and cross-system compatible.

This project should work to provide dotfile-beginners with sensible defaults and advanced users with a powerful, configurable framework on which to build.


At it’s core, Dotfile Boilerplate is a system for dotfile organization more than an opinionated framework.

The basic structure of Dotfile Boilerplate is based on Zach Holman's holman/dotfiles dotfiles. Configuration files are grouped by topic (e.g., "git", "vim", "zsh", etc.)., and a file named [whatever].symlink will by symlinked to ~/.[whatever].

Dotfile Boilerplate heavily "borrows" from many fine dotfile repos

Further inspiration came from

All of that can, of course, be overridden.

Learn More

Checkout the documentation.


Fork me and send me a pull request =)